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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 10, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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twisted murder plot. years after the murder of a radio host, it's a scheme between a biker gang and the victim's husband. curbing the drug crisis. the expected declaration from pennsylvania's governor in hopes of putting a stop to the opioid epidemic. and fan frenzy. the eagles getting ready to soar into their first playoff game. the bus tour coming to your community to help get you excited. we hope you'll be able to sign that bugs. looking forward to it. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. the morning crew is on the road this morning, highlighting another local community for you this morning, today. we're in ft. washington, montgomery county. we'll be at the wawa on virginia drive until 9:00 a.m. come say hi and grab yourself a
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free cup of coffee. >> already handing out coffee there is meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> i've got help inside. and people are not spending a lot of time getting from their cars, rushing inside, because it's so cold out. look who i stopped on his way in to get his morning coffee. sean mcdade. good morning, how are you doing? >> nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. you drive school buses up and down -- >> dublin school district. >> what grades? >> high school, middle school, and elementary. >> all of them? >> elementary is my best. >> those are the best behaved? >> maple glen. yep. >> really? >> yep. >> what grade is that? >> kindergarten through fifth. >> if somebody gives you problems? >> those kids don't give you problems. they're well behaved. their parents are good people. >> when i was growing up, there was one heater in the back, and everybody else was freezing to death. are the buses better now? >> no, nothing's changed with that. no. >> it's been tough for kids waiting at the bus stop. i do the bus stop forecast every morning with them in mind.
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fortunately the last -- yesterday they were delayed. are we on time this morning? >> yes, we are. >> have you had your coffee yet? >> not yet. >> time to go inside and get coffee, sean. >> thanks. >> say hi to the kids for us. >> hi to my granddaughters. >> there you go. >> you focus have a good day. -- you folks have a good day. >> bundle up, wherever you're heading, to the bus stop, to work. a cold start. the temperatures right now with clear skies getting colder. teens this morning, but we're in for a nice warmup during the day. right now teens for the suburbs and south jersey. temperatures will be climbing with sunshine today. a nice rebound this afternoon. north wales is one of the colder spots now. teens and 20s to start. we will see sunshine. back in the 40s for most of the afternoon. what time is the first pickup this morning? >> 6:47. >> jessica, he's handling clear
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roads, can you do that? >> necessary nothing i can do about -- there's nothing i can do about that. so far all i can do is tell him if it's terrible or not. so far were great. heads up, my bus picked me up at 6:15 every day. 6:45 sounds like a breeze. the schuylkill expressway, watching at montgomery drive. both directions eastbound and westbound doing fine. seeing a good drive. the turnpike, westbound and eastbound, route 1 to valley forge. 60s and a 22-minute trip in both directions. no problems on the p.a. turnpike. a pipe burst at new jersey transit's walter ranch transportation center causing delays for patco. check before you go there. murder for hire. nearly six years after a local radio host was shot to death, prosecutors say the scheme to kill april kauffman involves a drug empire, dangerous bike banbang gang -- bike gang, and her
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husband. >> and we have more from the prosecutor's office. matt, prosecutors said kauffman threatened to expose her husband's illegal drug ring, and that led to her murder. >> reporter: that may have been the final straw that led to this unfortunate end for april kauffman more than 5.5 years ago. it has been a long time for her family waiting for some answers, that happened yesterday. charges filed against kauffman's husband and an associate of his. both charged with murder. the death of the jersey shore radio host found shot to death in her home in may of 2012. yesterday the atlantic county prosecutor laid out the grim details of what really happened in this case. investigators say dr. james kauffman hired a hit man to kill his wife because she talented to divorce him and expose his drug empire, one that involved
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issuing prescription painkillers to people who were sent by ferdinand angelo, a member of the pagans motorcycle gang. the hired hit man prosecutors say was named frank mulholland. he died in 2013. april kauffman's daughter says she's always had suspicions of her stepfather but now has answers. >> it's a lot to process. as a victim you're never sure if justice will ever be obtained. >> reporter: prosecutors say these eight people you see are connected to the murder in some fashion. six charged with racketeering while kauffman and angelo face the first-degree murder charges. dr. kauffman's lawyer, by the way, says his client is completely innocent. nbc10 news. >> this case has a lot of details, as you heard matt say.
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go to nbc10 for details from the day of kauffman's murder to the new charges being filed. one of the strongest earthquakes to hit in modern history has left little damage. the 7.6-magnitude quake hit the ocean north of honduras. it set off tsunami warnings that were cancel good an hour later. -- canceled about an hour later. there were cracks to homes, but no serious damage or injuries. today a community memorial service will be held in florida for a family killed in a plane crash in costa rica on new year's eve. family and friends willy remember dr. mitch -- will remember dr. mitchell weiss, his wife and two children. the family had roots in montgomery county. today, pennsylvania's governor is addressing the growing opioid crisis. governor tom wolf is expected to declare it a state emergency. pamela osborne is live in center city. what would this declaration do to help curb the drug epidemic? >> reporter: this disaster
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emergency status will let officials temporarily override any rules or regulation that's they believe stand in the way of their ability to address the opioid epidemic, according to "the enquirer daily news," which states the move could open policy changes in harder hit areas like philadelphia. the center for disease centers for disease control and prevention did a study and found pennsylvania has the fourth highest rate of overdose deaths in the country. the state's prescription drug monitoring program reported an 82% increase in e.r. visits for opioid overdoses from 2016 to 2017. a group comprised of state health leaders, emergency and law enforcement departments, will be formed. we're expecting governor wolf to announce more about this task force and more about the plan later this afternoon at 2:00. reporting live in philadelphia, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. 5:37. 27 degrees outside. a federal judge is temporarily
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blocking the trump administration's plan to end the daca, the deferred action for childhood arrivals, program. daca protects so-called dreamers from deportation, their children who were brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents. the judge ruled the administration must resume accepting daca renewal applications while lawsuits over the president's decision play out in court. former white house strategist steve bannon is out of a job again. bannon is stepping down as charge of breitbart -- as chairman of breitbart news network. the announcement comes less than a week after bannon's criticism of president trump and his family were published in a new book. 5:38. 27 degrees. tributes in honor of a fallen firefighter are showing up around the city of philadelphia. you can even kind of see it in the skyline just behind me. but here's a closer look. the website, philly fire news, put out the call on social media. overnight, buildings including several in center city turned their lights red in honor of
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lieutenant matt letourneau. and johnny castro painted this portrait of lieutenant letourneau. the 11-year veteran died when a burning row home collapsed around him in north philadelphia over the weekend. his funeral is scheduled for friday. time is 5:39 wednesday morning. a live look at the lehigh valley. you are one of the colder spots. you need the hats, gloves, and the scarf here, especially if you are walking to work or maybe waiting for the bus here. a chilly start. we'll get the sunshine back with temperatures back into the upper 30s. philadelphia, you're almost ten degrees warmer. 27 degrees. your feels-like temperature matching that. that means little in the way of winds in philly. wilmington, 27 degrees. you have a slight breeze, it only takes a slight breeze to take that heat away from your body. the feels-like temperature is 20
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for you. temperatures all over the place. anywhere from 34 in rehoboth beach where the melting continues, 26 in wildwood. 16 in perkacy. and mt. pocono, cranking up the snow because 50-degree weather is headed our way. bus stop temperatures, it varies neighborhood by neighborhood. 18 in 21 in quakertown. wilmington, 26. philadelphia, 22. atlantic city, you're the winner for the warmest spot, 31 degrees. a good deal of sunshine. a look at the day ahead today -- a good deal of sunshine in the cards. not too much wind. this is one of better days of the year. it helps that the year just started. 43 in philadelphia today, 41 in the suburbs. 39 in the lehigh valley. 43 south jersey. 42 in delaware. so what's next on the board? the system that's been wreaking havoc in southern california has eyes set on us. it will bring warmer air bawls the potential of flooding rains. i'll have more on that and your
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ten-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. about 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. looks like we're getting more volume out there on the roads. >> jessica boyington watching 95 for your ride to work. >> earlier we were watching construction on 95 near allegheny avenue. i thought maybe that's what this is, i thought maybe i missed that it cleared h. i didn eed -. i didn't. this is the southbound side, you see flashing lights there. a little ways away from the camera, but at least we can see the delay. and here's police activity. they're trying to get to the scene, as well, moving off the shoulder. it looks like they might have most of the lanes blocked off except for one squeezing by to the left. and it leaves earlier -- not as much volume heading out. for now, delays southbound on 95 because of the cottman avenue accident. i'll keep my eyes on that. also checking in with upper dublin for a disabled vehicle in west pennsylvania avenue and ft. washington avenue. updates on 95 when i come back.
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>> all right. see you then. building the hype. the eagles preparing for their saturday showdown against the atlanta falcons. how nbc10 is helping you get excited for the game. and family on the enemy team. the falcons quarterback once called chester county home. we're talking to his uncle about what it will be like to watch his nephew take on the birds.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
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addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. the morning team on the road in montgomery county. >> in ft. washington, and the community all about location, location, location. the office park is key to the local economy and its location, it's key to attracting workers in area businesses there. the 500-acre site is strategically placed. it is near the pennsylvania
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turnpike. it's near 309 and a busy septa station with direct trains into and out of the city. several companies like ditech home loans have shuttles to move staff right to the workplace. the large complex is along the main drag. employees told us that the location makes a huge difference for them. >> l.a. fitness is next door. i signed up right away. i get done at 5:30 and go for an hour. >> the commute is easy. i take the turnpike and come in on the turnpike. >> a lot of shopping. a lot of restaurants. a lot of places that we can go in the neighborhood. the building is extremely convenient. we've got a great cafeteria. >> the community is nice. everybody i see looks like they have a smile on their face. >> ahead, from business to history, find out ft.
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washington's connection to the revolutionary war and how an old mansion there played a key role. can't wait for that. >> yeah. wawa teaming up with a loca organization to end hunger. >> they're working with mana on main street to provide food and education to people who need it. meteorologist bill henley joins us live from the wawa in ft. washington with a special guest to talk more about that. bill? >> yes, everybody knows the coffee, the fresh fruit that nick and caitlyn are preparing in the back. you can also grab some of these to go, and they're not just available at wawa. wawa teaming up with mana on main to help people with the community. susan is here this morning. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> great. how are you? >> fine. >> mana on main street has been around since the early '80s. >> since 1981, lansdale, pennsylvania. we've always been on main street in lansdale.
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we're in our fourth location at north penn's commons. the goal is to end hungerment you know, we live in this beautiful county, montgomery county. but there is poverty everywhere, including in lansdale. people experience food insecurity. about 10% of the people in montgomery county experience food insecurity every day. >> 10%, that's a big number. >> it is a big number. people wake up, and they're not sure where the next meal will come from. kids go to school without having a meal. mana fights hunger. >> you serve two hot meals every day. >> that's right. >> in between, you were telling me, the midday is a problem for some, and that's where wawa helps out. and it's with some of these items that we're seeing in this case here. >> exactly. so we go to the hatfield wawa on 40 foot road. they generously donate 40 to 60 items every morning. they go, and -- we go, and they
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keep it fresh. we take it back to mana and are able to put it out. it's things like hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches, french toast sticks, hashbrowns, small milks, other juices, things that people can take on their way out of the first day that sustain us to the second meal. this is an important source for the homeless during the day of supplemental food. >> and you serve a lot of people in this community. >> we do. we serve over 1 no families every year -- over 100 families every year in our food pantry. they get 60 to 70 pounds of food each time they shop. last year we served over 42,000 meals in our soup kitchen. >> wow. thank you for the work you're doing in that regard. thanks to wawa, too, for the support. >> since 2014, they have partnered with us. last year they gave us a grant
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of $10,000 that helps run the core program. >> it goes a long way. >> it does. very grateful. thank you. >> thank you, susan from mana on main street. lansdale. vai, tracy? >> thank you. >> thanks for that. ten before 6:00. the countdown is on. just three days away from the battle of the birds. the eagles taking on the falcons in their first playoff game this season. fans are getting pumped up for the showdown at the link. >> nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the stadium. tell us and the viewers about the bus tour. >> reporter: this is a double decker wrapped in eagles colors. it will be driven by nbc10 and our friends at triple-a. it's called the eagles' road to vick bus. it starts -- victory bus. it starts this morning with stops on market at the piazza. outside reading terminal market at 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. on the parkway. and then at the acme in bala
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kinwood. fans can write messages on the side, you can grab swag. a good way to get pumped up ahead of the battle of the birds. eagles/falcons saturday afternoon at the linc. the team's first playoff game since 2014. after a roller coaster season including losing carson wentz, a to or die moment for the birds -- a do or die moment for the birds who many consider to be underdogs despite the top seed. >> we ring the bell every week. it adds fuel to the fire. that's what the team -- been going off all year. big chip on our shoulder. people doubting us every week. we want to shut that up. >> reporter: one last look at the bus. it will be here at xfinity live all morning. we have a warm forecast for saturday afternoon. expect a ton of fans down here in south philly. i think it's going to be crazy.
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live at the linc, nbc10 news. >> yeah. it will be crazy. and nbc10 is the only place to see the battle of the birds. the high-flying birds against the dirty bird falcons. kickoff at the linc on saturday, 4:35. you can count on our three-hour live pregame show. i think we get you hyped up a bit. >> yeah. >> and the fans, they're speaking. now it's your turn. so what do you think? will the underdog odds make the team play any harder? is it a fair assessment? tweet us your thoughts. our handles on the screen. >> fuel to the fire. >> coaches love when they're underdogs. right? they love to play that on their players and have the players say, hey, nobody respects you guys. >> yeah. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz said underdogs, you're going to win -- >> you say that? >> true. a lot of things. >> true. he's been nailing the winter forecast so far.
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the waeight it on you. a clear and chilly start. patchy, black ice. watch out as you head out, watch your footing on the streets and sidewalks. you may find yourself slipping and sliding. overall, a nice day. at the jersey shore, 27 in wildwood. 29 in dennis township now. 18 in mays landing. if you go away from the water here at the shore, you will find a colder morning. variation in our temperatures now. a lot of it has to do with cloud cover and wind. 25 in wilmington. in the poconos, 11 degrees. it's freezing cold up there. but later this afternoon, once again, we'll get the sunshine.
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a slotty day. slush puddles in center city, wilmington. temperatures in the lower 40s to upper 30s. again, a quiet day. not much in the way of wind. i'm tracking the next storm system that's been bringing the devastating floods to southern california after the wildfire season has ended. it's a real mess out there. in the eastern half of the country, bringing the warm air up. fog advisories in the middle of the country. traveling out of the airport, look out for possible delays in some of the bigger hubs from atlanta over to chicago. the next two days, warming up to mid to upper 40s and low 50s. on friday, this is unbelievable. lower 60s. morning temperature on sunday in philadelphia, 46. now looking at 6 3. incredible stuff. the next item of business is the
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rain. that will start developing thursday night, western suburbs, then it really ramps up on friday. we'll be seeing soaking rains. that could cause flooding. we'll have that friday. for the eagles game, drying out conditions. we'll go back to more news coming up.
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. the leader of the falcons expected to address the media after missing practice yesterday. quarterback matt ryan left team headquarters because of an undisclosed personal matter yet. his wife is expecting twins in april. the team did not elaborate on why ryan missed practice. meanwhile, ryan's family will be torn during this game. ryan went to high school at pen charter. his uncle, who still lives here, always pulls for his nephew. john loughery doesn't just support ryan. as a former football player, he's working to keep current players. his company called defend you head makes helmet covered used on head cover at every level, even the military.
5:59 am
>> we believe that we're on to something that potentially offers a solution to an interesting problem. it's a mission and passion for all of us to make the game safer. >> the covers work by dissipating the force of contact before it ever gets to the original helmet. back to matt and his wife, certainly the game is important for both teams. we wish them well. hope everything is okay. >> we sure do. we'll find out more maybe later on today when he addresses the media. now to more of the stories at 6:00 a.m. -- >> a plot to kill. wrapped up in a drug ring. prosecutors point the finger at the husband of radio host april kauffman in her murder five years ago. the search for victims. rescuers racing to reach areas of southern california where people are stranded amid mud and debris. shakeup explained. philadelphia's new district attorney speaks for the first time about the dozens of forced resignations from his office.
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a lot to get to. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. this morning the nbc10 morning team on the road to meet you and highlight a local community. today we're out at the wawa on virginia drive in ft. washington come by, say hello until 9:00 this morning. >> meteorologist bill henley there helping people get their morning started in person. good morning. >> good morning. a woman came inside and said, this is my favorite wawa. i love every brick of this wawa. maybe it's because the coffee is on the house. we're visiting until 9:00. stop by and say hi. don't waste time getting inside. it is cold outside this morning. the temperatures even colder than they were yesterday morning. that's because we have


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